About Me

Though having been labeled a ‘rare’ creature, a native of Las Vegas, she has not always lived there. Her wanderlust has taken her around the world. She first started playing the piano at an early age, but by her teenage years a passion for drumming emerged. She played drums and percussion in all the typical high school bands. Her first professional gig took her to Japan at age 20 to play in a Dixieland band for several months. Once back in the States, she joined a blues band in San Diego while she finished her B.A. degree in music at SDSU. Moving to Los Angeles, she took a short course at P.I.T., Musician’s Institute, where upon graduating was offered a teaching assistant position. Later, after a memorable month playing drums in a trio at an apres-ski resort in Avoriaz, France, she ventured to Turkey and Europe to tour and play percussion with the very popular Mustafa Sandal. Her next big adventure placed her in New Zealand for a couple of years, gigging in a wide variety of musical styles and with many artists including Caitlin Smith and Karen Hunter. It was there that she was introduced to W. African drumming and joined a couple groups playing djun-djun and djembe. After returning to Las Vegas in 2000, she immersed herself in learning more world percussion, studying Afro-Brazilian drumming with Kurt Rasmussen, learning the Irish bodhran, and joining local Japanese taiko group Kaminari Taiko, and Desert Skye Pipes and Drums Scottish pipe band. A couple years later found her in Berlin, Germany, playing drums with the first international show of Blue Man Group. Two years later, she returned to Las Vegas to join Celine Dion’s show “A New Day” in the percussion chair, and afterward the “Taking Chances” World Tour in 2008-2009. Immediately on the heels of the tour came the drum chair for PEEPSHOW in Las Vegas, starring Mel B. Following that, in 2010 she found herself back in the fold with Blue Man Group (Las Vegas) until 2015. In 2014 she also had the opportunity to play bodhran with Calle 13 at the Latin Grammy Awards. She has continued her decade-plus time with the very popular local Celtic band Killian’s Angels, and recently had the exciting opportunity to fill in on drums with Carolyn-Liddle’s HerStory of Rock show. In 2017, she began subbing in with the Tenors of Rock, eventually assuming the main drumming position. You can catch Nannette in Las Vegas, playing with the Tenors of Rock several nights a week, a bi-monthly daytime Variety Show at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino, Killian’s Angels, Oktoberfest favorite Oompoporama, and the only all-female Journey Tribute band Sheclipse, and more.