Nannette Fortier

About Me

Though I have been labeled a ‘rare’ creature, being a native of Las Vegas, I have not always lived there. My wanderlust has taken me around the world, first venturing abroad  at the age of nineteen to Australia. Music supersedes all cultural barriers and there is a treasure to be found in every country. I first started playing the piano at an early age, but by my teenage years a passion for drumming had surfaced. Of course, I also worshipped at the altar of electric rock guitar, with grandiose dreams of becoming a guitar goddess, but I just couldn’t seem to stop banging on things. I played in the typical high school bands. My first professional gig took me to Japan to play in a Dixieland band for a few months, and then joined a blues band in San Diego while I finished my university music degree (B.A.) at SDSU. I moved to Los Angeles and took a six month course at P.I.T., Musician’s Institute, where I was offered a teaching assistant position upon graduating. After a memorable month playing drums in an ‘apres-ski’ band in Avoriaz, France, the opportunity to tour in Turkey/Europe to play with pop-star Mustafa Sandal arose, and was my first big percussion gig. A couple of years later I found myself living in New Zealand, gigging all over the place with the likes of Caitlin Smith and Karen Hunter, etc. It was there that I was introduced to djembe/djun-djuns, and played in a couple of African groups. After returning to Las Vegas, I immersed myself in studying world percussion, picking up the Irish bodhran, joining a Scottish Pipe & Drums group, a Japanese Taiko group, and studying Afro-Cuban and Afro Brazilian drumming with Kurt Rasmussen. Once again, I found myself overseas, this time in Berlin, Germany, pounding the drums with Blue Man Group. Two years later, I was back in Las Vegas, playing percussion for Celine Dion’s ‘A New Day’ through to its final show. Soon following, the sell-out 2008-2009 ‘Taking Chances’ World Tour, spanning 5 continents, 25 countries and 93 cities. Hard on the heels of the tour was the drum chair for ‘PEEPSHOW’ (starring Mel  B) in Las Vegas. In  2014 I had the  opportunity to play bodhran with Calle 13 at the Latin Grammy Awards. In addition to freelancing, I perform  with Blue Man Grouplocal favorite Killian's Angels , Mullivan's Edge, Travis Shredd & the Good 'Ol Homeboys, etc.

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